Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My RailsSpace Journey - Day 11

  1. Starting Chapter 11 (Searching and Browsing)
  2. Checked website and it appears okay.
  3. Created and filled-in views/community/_search_form.rhtml file and ran "rake" and all tests passed. (11.1/p.328)
  4. Created and filled-in views/community/search.rhtml file and ran "rake" and all tests passed. (11.1/p.328)
  5. Brought up Figure 11.1 (web page) and it worked. (F11.1/p.330)
  6. Installed ferret gem (0.11.5 - x86-mswin32) downloading it and installing it with "--local". (p.330)
  7. Ran this to install plugin (p.331): ruby script/plugin install svn://
  8. Tried to run "rake', but it was broken with this error msg: no such file to load -- ferret_ext (p.332)
  9. Updated models/spec.rb and ran "rake", but still broken. (11.4/p.332)
  10. Updated models/faq.rb and ran "rake", but still broken. (11.5/p.332)
  11. So I did this:
    problem solved, for those poor Windows users like me:
    1) gem install ferret -v=0.11.5 --platform mswin32
    2) gem install acts_as_ferret
    3) add "require 'acts_as_ferret'" in config/environment.rb
    4) from C:\ruby\lib\ruby\gems\1.8\gems\ferret-0.11.5-x86-mswin32\ext
    copy/paste to
  12. Tried step 11 and DID NOT WORK for me.

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